Diogo Jota – A Sensible Option

Image Attribution – September 22, 2019 – Source – NNN News/Flickr

With sport around the world currently on Corona-watch and the high possibility of the remainder of the Premier League season being called off in some shape or form, speculation about summer transfers has started increasing.

As there will be no football to discuss for at least three weeks and probably longer, rumours about potential transfers is one of the few things that you can count on newspapers and fan forums to start circulating during the absence of football on the pitch.

However, the speculation about Wolves and Portugal forward Diogo Jota seems to have been picked up by all media outlets and is a transfer that would make a lot of sense given the circumstances.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Jota is that he is just 23 years old. No doubt any fan who has watched Wolves over the past two seasons will have been impressed by many of their players, but Jota is certainly one of their stand-out talents. He has racked up 43 goals in 120 appearances for Wolves in the past two-and-a-half seasons and made his senior debut for the Portuguese national team last year.

Primarily a forward, Jota can operate through the middle or just behind the striker. A small and pacey player, Wolves have deployed him mainly in a front two, playing just off the back of Jimenez. This kind of versatility is perhaps something we’ve missed in our team in recent years, with Aubameyang clearly not as comfortable playing off the left hand side and Lacazette not being able to play anywhere else but as the main striker.

Speaking of Aubameyang and Lacazette, the signing of a player like Jota would presumably be a replacement for one of the aforementioned two. With Aubameyang going into the final year of his deal and not signing a new contract, it is likely that he will be offloaded this summer unless something drastic happens between now and then. As for Lacazette, his lack of form this season has been another concern altogether.

The news this week coming out of the club is that the hierarchy has put together three different transfer plans which depend on where we finish in the league this season. One for if we finish in a Champions League spot (unlikely), one for if we finish in a Europa League spot, and one for if we finish outside the European places altogether. Budget and quality of player will be the main factors in these transfer plans.

Fellow blogger and Arsenal fan, George Muddiman, believes Jota would be a good signing for Arsenal, stating “He’s a young and dynamic player and would hopefully fall into our price range. His Premier League experience is also a great plus, especially after seeing the way the likes of Pepe has struggled to settle this season. This would be a signing I would really like to see happen.”

Where Jota might land in these transfer plans is anyone’s guess. Wolves would no doubt be looking for a sizeable fee for one of their most prolific forwards and with Arsenal potentially being out of Europe next season, we are unlikely to make the kind of bid they are looking for.

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